Flushmount Albums

  • Our photographic papers use a chemistry-based printing process and we calibrate our printers multiple times daily.
  • We use silver halide printing on Fuji crystal archive paper.
  • We offer Semi-Matte and Lustre finishes. Semi-Matte is the smoother of the two options and offers less sheen and texture than the Lustre.
  • The paper itself is mounted to a substrate and is about 1mm thick when assembled. 

Press Books

  • The Eggshell paper is a true uncoated matte paper.  This means that the ink is easily absorbed into the paper.  Our smooth matte paper is coated, so the ink sits on top of the paper and isn’t absorbed.  When printing on the Eggshell paper, darker colors (more ink) will tend to look darker because the ink is absorbing into the paper.  The consequence is that you may lose detail in the shadows more so on uncoated papers (superfine eggshell) than on coated papers (smooth matte).  It is a minimal effect, but to trained eyes, the difference is subtly noticeable.   It’s best in those cases (if you really want to see that detail) to bump the bottom of your tone curve.
  • The majority of press books are printed with 4-color technology (like our standard press books).  Our HD press books feature a 6-color technology resulting in more clarity, highlight detail and super smooth tonality.

Fine Art

  • Giclee Matte Paper- This alpha-cellulose paper is our standard fine art option. Giclée Matte is lightweight and mounted for stability. Acid-free and lignin-free.
  • Hahnemühle Bright White Paper- Hahnemühle has been making the world’s finest papers for centuries. This 100% cotton rag paper features a bright white base for clean looking spreads. Acid-free and lignin-free.
  • Hahnemühle Museum Etching Paper- A 100% cotton rag paper with a natural white tone. Perfect for a timeless album with a museum feel. Acid-free and lignin-free.
  • Do not use background colors in your design. We recommend keeping your designs clean and simple with white backgrounds. Designing with backgrounds can cause adverse effects and may be more prone to scuffing or scratches.
  • Keep images off of the crease for Hahnemuhle papers. This will help your album retain crisp, seamless spreads that will last a lifetime. Images over the crease may be prone to cracking over time. This will not compromise the integrity of the album but it may not be visually desirable.
  • Stay away from full bleed spreads/pages. Keeping images at least 1″ from the edge of the spread will ensure your album will not suffer from potential ink flaking on the edges. As well, while turning pages this helps keep fingers off the ink and instead on just the paper.
  • Avoid images with heavy use of deep blacks. Matte fine art papers are susceptible to scuffing especially in solid black areas. For images that contain a lot of heavy, dark ink coverage we recommend ordering our RedTree Album featuring photographic paper.
  • These albums are meant to be handled with exceptional care.  The printing is delicate, so if you desire to extend the life of your album, use clean hands to touch the pages.  We also include an informative care card with every album that is shipped.

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