Boudoir Policy

While we do print boudoir, we have guidelines on what is acceptable and reserve the right to refuse to print anything that we find offensive or harmful. 

Uploading, posting, ordering for print, emailing or otherwise transmitting any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, harassing, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, invasive of another’s privacy, or otherwise objectionable may result in non-fulfillment of your order. We have found that what is objectionable to some is simply artistic expression to others and the distinction is not always clear. RedTree is a family-run company and most of our work consists of weddings, portraits, and events. However, we receive significant numbers of tastefully done nudes and boudoir orders for printing and certainly have no objection to printing and delivering these. 

Nudes are normally printed if photographed tastefully. They will not be printed if they expose genitals or are suggestive/sexually explicit.

If you’re unsure if your images will fit the criteria, feel free to reach out to our Customer Experience team to review some samples to let you know if they are permissible.

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