We have chosen to use premium, archival materials for our products. We shy away from the use of harsh chemicals and plastics that can add extra layers of protection. This allows our products to remain pure and clean, but it also means these are heirlooms that should be handled with care. 

  • Cover Materials
    • Our Luxe Leathers are pure aniline leathers.
    • Our Luxe Linens are 100% pure linen.
    • Occasionally our fabric and leather manufacturers have dyelots that can shift slightly in color. For this reason, we highly recommend ordering a swatch kit. However, even with a swatch kit, colors may still shift. If you ever have any concern about precisely matching color, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Stability of Spread Creases
    • Our layflat album spreads are creased rather than cut in the center. This allows for a seamless panoramic spread. 
    • Silver-halide photographic papers like our Lustre and Semi-matte album options are susceptible to slight tonal shifts in the crease when photos span the centerline. This is most commonly seen in dark shadows or where the crease may show a slight blue tint. To avoid the possibility of this, simply leave the center of your spreads white.  
    • Creases can experience wear over time as an album is repeatedly opened and closed over and over for years to come. This is normal and only slightly noticeable. To prevent it, leave the center of your spreads white.
  • Climate & Humidity
    • Our albums are made from paper. Paper acclimates when humidity changes. Sometimes this plays out in the form of waves or movement in album pages.
    • In this case, place your album under a stack of books for a few days while the paper acclimates to the new environment (this is most common when shipping albums from one region to another, or during drastic weather changes). 

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